Meet Elise Rodman

Elise Rodman likes using public transit because it gets her places at a lesser cost than driving. As a student at Oklahoma State University, Elise uses the school’s transit system to also make the most of her time. “It’s more convenient than riding my bike and I can do stuff while I’m on the bus so that’s really a convenient aspect of it,” Elise says. Protection from what can be harsh weather is also an important reason Elise uses the public transit system. “If I didn’t have the bus it would definitely be harder during days when it’s really hot or windy, rainy or freezing cold,” she says. There are plenty of students who don’t have cars and Elise believes not having a transit system would be neglecting a real need on campus. “They really don’t have access to getting to grocery stores, to do any of the daily needs kind of stuff,” Elise adds.


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Michelle Prine